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How it began

I stepped outside an organic shop and saw this image of a man walking in another shop without wearing a face mask. He didn’t look up as concentrated as he was on finding his groceries. A woman noticed him and what she did was with only a moment hesitation releasing herself from the mask emerging with a broad smile. She straightened her back and looked around self-consciously while she almost swirled ahead with her shopping cart. And then I saw other people being ignited by this apparently joyful action.

And then it spreads out like a swarm of dancing butterflies over other shops and more blissful people who inspire each other to do the same challenging thing. I see them laughing and talking and some of them even hug each other and respond with true happiness. It’s amazing, this colourful pallet of free, shining and proud people, they’re going through a total transformation of mood, physical posture and behaviour. It looks like an awakening! I see some people starting a little dance with each other and then these brave, happy people go outside and swarm out over the streets radiating their inner truth about what life means and the treasures it has for humanity.

The Power of one Thought

These people realize that our future will be shaped out of our happy thoughts. They will grow from a collectively felt longing for what is promised to us in the big Books and the visions of the Wise People. Underneath this crisis on planet Earth there’s an ongoing transformation taking place of our energy bodies and the energy fields of the earth, helping us to prepare for the new world. These happy people already act upon that. We have a choice here to step in or stay out.

Only one thought is what is needed to bring this enlightening image of free, happy people into manifestation and it has to be a collective one. This is all it took to get the big revolutions started and etablish the prevailing religions. The new president always will turn out to be the one candidate who’s linked to a thought with collective power. So we can contribute to the New World with one thought or an image of free, happy people.

We shall find the Truth by Thinking

Do we know? Do we still know what this life is all about? We think we do but we never have time to think. We’re so absorbed in our tiny lives that we have forgotten how it is to enjoy life at its fullest. Don’t we know that we are free spirits who claim their freedom by thinking? There’s independent thinking needed for being truly free. Yet that’s exactly what we gave away by staring at our screens, listening like robots to governments, social media, big companies and dogma’s of religions, all misleading us from the truth.

The truth is inside of each of us and we will find her when we all take the time to search for ourselves behind the mainstream canals for more and independent information about Corona and Lockdown measures and about what is happening in this time on earth. Truth will appear to you as logical and extensively informational. It goes too far to give you here the sources of information that can help you to get a broader look upon this matter, but when you look for something eagerly you‘ll find just what you need. And then you check with your own logic what is true and try to get the whole picture before you take a stance.

The New World will be created from our thoughts

Our future societies will be without illness or weakness because the human race shall be perfect again as her Godly design is meant to be. We will be free and independent of thought with an intelligence that will by far surpass our present mental capacity. Feelings of intense joy and high spirit in our co-creations will be the norm, together with a deeply felt love for every living soul and all the elements of the new Earth and the new celestial bodies we will become aware of; we will gain strengths and talents we still cannot imagine but they will be Devine in nature and directed by our thinking they will create the new worlds.  feel free to share this